Welcome, Fall! My Fall To-Do List ♡

Happy first day of fall! Fall is my absolute favorite season. I love the colors, scents, fashion, food, everything! I also have somewhat of an obsession with to-do lists. The sense of accomplishment every time I cross something off my list is so rewarding to me. So, I thought I would combine these two favorite things of mine into a fall to-do/bucket list!

*Deep sigh of love and excitement* I LOVE FALL!

This was so fun to make! I wanted to make the picture one that anyone can use for reference, so I didn’t add any personal details. I thought I’d do that here for a few of the things on the list-

1. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time! I think it would be a really nice family/friend outing or date idea!

2. Please let me know if you have any favorite fall candles/fragrances! I’ve searched around a little but I haven’t found anything yet!

3. I have a fall festival already planned to go to! It’s a pet festival where everyone brings their dogs and they have a costume contest for them! I’ve been before and it’s so cute and fun, I can’t wait!

12. Doesn’t this one just sound like heaven? Omg, I can’t wait to do this!

13. I have a long list of movies and shows I want to watch! One of them is Over The Garden Wall, which I will be introducing to my dad this year! I also have a weird love for animated scary movies like Coraline or Monster House. I’ll be watching a lot of those types of movies!

16. I’ve been so into baking cookies lately! I also want to get into cookie decorating, so I’ll be getting some fall and Halloween shaped cookie cutters soon!

17. There are so many adorable DIYs I want to try! Mainly fall/Halloween themed plushies and pillows.

Feel free to save this list!

Let me know what’s on your fall to-do/bucket list!

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