I won during an Influenster VoxBox Twitter Party! Here’s what I got…


Hi! So, I received my very first VoxBox from Influenster back in June of this year (this is quite an overdue blog post). At the end of VoxBox campaigns, Influenster holds a twitter party so all of the VoxBox participants (+ anyone who wants to join) can showcase their pictures and thoughts on the brands and items they received.

After the twitter party, Influenster chooses a few participants to win a prize. I was one of those winners during the Playa Twitter Party!

I’m going to show you what I got in my prize box and give you a few tips on how you could win a prize if you participate in an Influenster twitter party!


Okay, here’s what I got… Ta-da!

  • Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Polish in Violate Voltage
  • Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit
  • Degree Motionsense Deodorant
  • Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner in Onyx


Everything I got is very practical and useful! Overall, I’m happy with the prizes and I’ll put them all to use. Plus, the nail polish color is so pretty!


Tips On How To Win During An Influenster Twitter Party

Keep in mind that I have only ever received one VoxBox and participated in one twitter party! I’m definitely not an Influenster expert, but I think my tips may be useful!

  1. Stand out! The best way to do this is to get creative with the product pictures you take. Edit them nicely and make use of good lighting! Check out a few examples of the pictures I posted during the twitter party here, here and here.
  2. Take multiple pictures of your products in case they ask for pictures more than twice! I tweeted a couple of photos for at least one of the products during the twitter party.
  3. Gather all of your pictures beforehand so they’re ready to be tweeted quickly! They’ll be easier to upload if you have them all in one folder or album. Tweeting them fast will also help you get noticed because they won’t retweet or favorite late pictures of one product after they’ve already moved on to the next product.
  4. Reply to all of the tweets! Even just an emoji reply will help you get noticed.
  5. Make sure you use the specific hashtags they’ve assigned for the party so all of your pretty pictures and nice tweets can be seen!

P.S. you can always join in on other twitter parties even if you didn’t receive the VoxBox. This can give you an idea of what to expect and you’ll be able to see the pictures and tweets people post!

Alright, that’s what I got in my prize box + a few tips that may help you win one yourself! I hope this helps!

Let me know if you’ve ever participated in one of Influenster’s twitter parties!

Thanks for reading!

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