How To Know If Your Skincare Products Are Safe: Check Out These Websites!

The most important part of skincare is the ingredients! I mean, that’s pretty obvious, right? I certainly believe so, but whenever I try to read the ingredients on my products, all I see is a bunch of letters scrambled together and a select few words that I recognize. Thankfully, there are websites to help us easily identify the safety of ingredients in skincare products! Although I would like to increase my ingredient knowledge, these websites are very helpful for a quick search.


Here are 3 websites that will tell you if your skin care products are safe!


Paula’s Choice

Paula’s Choice has a very simple-to-use ingredient dictionary plus a ton of skincare advice and information! Just use the search bar to find the ingredient you’re looking for and you’ll be given a short summary of what it is and a rating on how beneficial it is in skincare! On the left-hand side of the screen, you’ll notice categories for different skin types and concerns. Click on any category to find informative articles on topics from that category!

Visit Paula’s Choice here.



CosDNA is a must-bookmark site if you’re into Korean skincare! Just search any Korean skincare product and it will likely come up with a list of the ingredients, a safety index for each ingredient and the function of that ingredient. The safety index goes from 1-9, 1 being safest and 9 being worst. It also lists ratings for how likely an ingredient is to irritate or cause acne. Those ratings go between 0-5, 0 being least likely and 5 being most likely.

Visit CosDNA here (English version).


EWG’s Skin Deep

EWG’s Skin Deep is similar to CosDNA in that you can search for products and find information on that product’s ingredients, this time for popular western skincare. Although the search bar says “search products”, you can also search for information on a single ingredient. This website uses a hazard score from 1-10 to rate the ingredients, 1 being least hazardous and 10 being most hazardous. Each ingredient also has a “data availability rating”. This will tell you how much scientists know or don’t know about that ingredient. My favorite feature on this website is that, on top of the individual ingredient information, it gives you an overall hazard rating on the product between 1-10.

Visit EWG’s Skin Deep here.

I hope you find these websites helpful! Of course, It’s important to remember that everyone’s skin is different. Even though the ingredients in a product may seem completely safe, your skin still may not like it! Keep your past experiences with different types of products in mind when looking to buy a new product you’ve never tried before!

Do you check the ingredients before purchasing skin care? I’m not going to lie, I’m guilty of buying things based on how cute the packaging is alone, haha!

Thank’s for reading!

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