Epielle Facial Essence Mask – Collagen with Vitamin E ♡ (Sheet Mask Diary 1)

Hi there! I’ve decided to do a quick and simple series on my blog called Sheet Mask Diary. I love sheet masks and I have a box full of them! I thought it would be fun and useful to do reviews on each one as I use them to describe things like the fit, scent, ingredients, results, etc.

The first one I’m going to review is the Collagen with Vitamin E Facial Essence Mask by Epielle.

If you live in the United States and have a Big Lots near you (I don’t think they have locations outside of the US), you can probably find these! They’re sold in a pack of 4 for just $2. Only 50 cents a mask, which is one of the reasons I keep buying them!

Here’s what the back of the packs/box looks like-


A few highlights: Collagen, Punica Granatum Extract (AKA pomegranate!) , Fig Fruit/Leaf Extract


I’m really bad with describing scents. Maybe kind of like pretty laundry detergent? LOL I know that sounds harsh and not very appealing, but it isn’t overpowering unless you’re sensitive to smells. Personally, I really like the scent. I find it nice and relaxing!


The fit kind of sucks honestly. The mask is oddly wide, so there’s a bunch of extra mask that goes over my hair line. On top of that, it’s quite thick, so it doesn’t adhere to the skin very easily. I only use this mask while sitting/laying/relaxing because it could easily fall off while walking around. It may fit better on other face shapes, but I’ve seen a couple of complaints on the fit of these masks from a few other people as well.


I’ve used this mask many times in the past! I’ve never broken out or had a problem with them even though my skin is sensitive and gets irritated easily.

Overall, I highly recommend these as simple masks you can use on a daily basis. They’re gentle, very inexpensive and moisturizing. They don’t provide a drastic skin difference, but they do hydrate my skin and make it looks less dull!

You can buy these online, but the cheapest way to get them is at a Big Lots store. If you’re interested in trying them, I would recommend looking in stores!


Thanks for reading! ♡

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