Hi there! I’m Stefania. I’m here to post reviews and blog about skincare, lifestyle and anything else I’m currently enjoying.

– About Me –

 I’m very indecisive, so my interests change often and I’m always picking up new hobbies! At the moment, my time is mostly spent working on school (for a marketing degree), practicing piano/guitar, sewing and walking/taking care of dogs at the animal shelter.

– About The Blog –

My website name, navisugar, comes from a shortened version of my middle name with sugar added at the end for extra sparkles. I mostly blog about skincare and while I’m no professional (a beginner at that), It’s definitely something that I love and am passionate about. I will always do my best to thoroughly research ingredients while reviewing and blogging about products in order to be as accurate as I can. I hope you’ll enjoy my blog’s content!

Name: Stefania Jahnavi Bettaglio

Birthday: 26/May

Height: 5’4 (163 cm)

Location: Texas

Languages: English/Spanish

Instagram: Ania.Lio

Twitter: @AniaLio

P.S.  Stefania is pronounced “stef-uh-nee-uh” lol

Feel free to leave comments or ask questions! I would love to talk to you!

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